#BDS: Cirque Du Soleil #Jordan

Jordan and the effort to support BDS in the Arab world

20 July 2012
During the last week in June, Cirque du Soleil’s signature show Saltimbanco played at the Prince Hamzeh Arena in Amman, Jordan. Approximately 18,000 persons attended the show over the course of four days.
The event itself received polarized reviews. Some said it was tiring to watch, bland and overrated. Others thought the show exceeded expectations, that the performance was mesmerizing and dream-like.
The more absorbing polemic, however, was not about what was happening on stage but about what was going on outside at the main gates of the Hussein Youth City.
On Saltimbanco’s opening day, scores of demonstrators lined the sidewalks leading to the VIP entrance. They were holding signs that read in Arabic “Cultural boycott to sanction Israel,” “Showing the circus in Israel is a reason to boycott in Amman,” and “Whoever entertains criminals and killers deserves to be boycotted.”
The demonstrations were aimed at preventing Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria show from playing in Tel Aviv on 8 August. They were the first major protests in Jordan in support of the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel since what has been dubiously called the Arab Spring.

Cirque Du Soleil: Do not shine on Apartheid! لا تُغيّبوا الشمس عن فِلسطين

“Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace”
~ Oscar Wilde
Irish Dramatist, Novelist, & Poet (1854 – 1900)

We, citizens and residents of Qatar, came to know that Cirque du Soleil is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv this August, after first performing in Doha in July. Many of us have always admired CdS and enjoyed their magnificent performances, however we cannot in good conscience attend their performance while Palestinians continue to face injustice and apartheid. We urge CdS to cancel their performance in Tel Aviv and demonstrate that the people of Palestine are not an exception when it comes to freedom, dignity and justice.

We, therefore, join this call and support the letter addressed from Qatar Youth Opposed to Normalization (QAYON) to Renée-Claude Ménard, the Director of Cirque du Soleil.
Twitter: #CdSCancelIsrael

“الأخلاق، كما الفن، تعني وضع حدٍّ في مكانٍ ما”
ــ أوسكار وايلد
كاتب مسرحي، روائي وشاعر من إيرلندا

علِمنا نحن، أهالي قطر مواطنون ومقيمون، بنيّة سيرك دو سوليه العالمي (سيرك الشمس) تقديم عرض في تل أبيب في آب/أغسطس المقبل، وذلك بعد تقديم عرض في الدوحة في تمّوز/يوليو المقبل. لطالما أُعجِب الكثير منا واستمتع بعروض سيرك دو سوليه الرائعة لكن، في الوقت ذاته، لا يمكن لضمائرنا الحيّة تقبّل حضور العرض  بينما تستمر إسرائيل في بطشها تجاه الشعب الفلسطيني الذي يواجه التمييز العنصري. بناءً عليه، نطالب فريق سيرك دو سوليه بإلغاء عرضه في تل أبيب والوقوف تضامناً كون شعب فلسطين ليس باستثناء عند التحدث عن الحرية، الكرامة والعدالة.

في ضوء ما سبق، نعلن انضمامنا لهذا النداء وندعم الخطاب الذي توجّهت به مجموعة “شباب قطر ضد التطبيع” إلى السيد رينيه كلود مينارد، مدير سيرك الشمس (سيرك دو سوليه)؛
وسم تويتر: #CdSCancelIsrael

رحلات القطرية لتل أبيب

As Posted by Youth Against Normalization:  

FEB 12, 2012

#BDS: #Qatar Airways Flights to Tel Aviv #Israel

FEB 13, 2012

#BDS: Update on #Qatar Airways Flights to Tel Aviv #Israel

Just a few hours after posting about Qatar Airways flights to Tel Aviv yesterday, our website received over 1000 clicks. I was informed that internet users in the Arab world were unable to choose Tel Aviv as a destination on the airways’ website. After checking it myself now, it appears that this is not only the case in Arab countries. Somebody must have alerted Qatar Airways, so they quickly removed Tel Aviv from their destinations. Although this is good, it is still not enough. I am sure that they did not cancel their flights to the Zionist entity. I have also learned that there is a boycott campaign against the same airlines due to high prices and alcohol selling. Please let us know if you contact them via phone or email to inquire about the matter.

كتبنا أن هناك خط طيران مباشر بين الدوحة وتل أبيب. بعد الملاحظات التي وصلتنا، أجرينا المزيد من البحث والتدقيق واتضح ما يلي:
  • لم نجد خط مباشر بين الدوحة وتل أبيب
  • وجدنا إمكانية شراء البطاقة أدناه (دوحة – تل أبيب من خلال صلة ثالثة) من شركة “القطرية” من موقعها في الولايات المتحدة علما المواقع تتصرف بشكل مختلف بناءً إلى منطقة تواجد الزائر. فهناك عروض لا تظهر في لبنان أو في الدول العربية وتظهر على مواقع الشركة في باقي الدول.
  • كما وجدنا المعطيات التالية للسفر من خلال الأردن إلى قطر، مما يعكس حجم “التبادل” بين قطر وإسرائيل
Popular Flights from Tel Aviv to Doha
Airfare from Tel Aviv to Doha on Turkish Airlines from $596 round trip
Airfare from Tel Aviv to Doha on Royal Jordanian from $600 round trip
Did You Know?
The shortest flight between Tel Aviv, IL and Doha, QA on Royal Jordanian is 1,110 miles.
134 seats are available per day to fly out of Tel Aviv, IL connecting to Doha, QA
The smallest aircraft operated by Royal Jordanian flying between Tel Aviv, IL and Doha, QA is a 32S with 134 seats.
Royal Jordanian has the most one stop flights between Tel Aviv, IL and Doha, QA.
Royal Jordanian has 1 one stop flight between Tel Aviv, IL and Doha, QA.
1 airline operates between Tel Aviv, IL and Doha, QA
The largest aircraft operated by Royal Jordanian flying between Tel Aviv, IL and Doha, QA is a 32S with 134 seats.
1 flight per week flies out of Tel Aviv, IL connecting to Doha, QA