Update on gas deal with Israel

No plans to supply gas to Israel: Officia
The Peninsula

DOHA: Dr Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, deputy chairman and marketing director of RasGas Company said that Qatar has no plans to supply gas to Israel.In press statement on the sideline of a Scientific Arabic –Turkish Forum, he said he was surprised of such rumors doing the rounds.

He said Qatar has stopped supplying Turkey with 2.1 million tones gas since April due to failure of the Turkish company to sign a long-term contract with RasGas. He said, it is still possible to resupply the Turkish market with more Qatari gas since the Algerian gas supplies to Turkey were terminated. He said, the rise in gas demand in Japan due to the recent earthquake will not affect the Qatari gas prices since Qatar has more than 30 million tonnes as emergency reserves in the last two years.

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